Searching For The Fountain of Wellness?

Its January 2017….What’s on your mind??? Is it money, fitness, relationships? I have to be honest, I don’t believe in “New Year’s Resolutions”. I have gone along with the status quo and pretended like I believed in it, but only to find disappointment mid-way thru the month. You see, We ARE creatures of habit, BUT to make significant financial and/or health changes…we NEED to make changes. The context that we are taught is “One size fits all.” I don’t buy into that at all. All of us are different and unique. How we approach change is also the same way, differently and uniquely.  This is not a listed method or a promised “How To”.  It’s just an approach to change our lives to reach the goals we want to achieve.  Read More…



Have you ever needed a tool set when communicating about your chronic pain???

I am inquisitive. Almost to a fault. However, when it comes to communicating with my loved ones and doctor about my chronic illness and pain, I often do not know where to begin. I ask my doctor some questions when prompted,  but really fall short on asking and communicating with him on the deeper concerns that cross my mind about my conditions.  Too many times I have felt misunderstood, or that what I think or how I am taking charge of my health is second seat to the protocol of my health directive.  Here are Five communication strategy’s originally designed for physician to patient, but I have adapted them for patient to physician.  Read more…



After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this past year, I began to wonder about wholeness of body.  Eating right , exercise, rest……..lifestyle change, (for some this phrase is scary).  I am predisposed to diabetes as my grandmother had type 1.  The diabetes disease usually skips a generation when it is hereditary.  Luckily, I have type 2.  But make no mistake, this disease has the potential to get worse quickly if it is not taken seriously…immediately!  What’s this got to do with weight?  Well, they say obesity, especially around the stomach area is very bad for all sorts of reasons.  So, I needing to loose 50 pounds am in no way inapplicable. (I am an “apple shape”)  out of the woods.  However, some medical professionals believe that it is possible for type 2 diabetes to go dormant, once a sensible weight is achieved, and major lifestyle changes are in place.  I mean c’mon, of course lifestyle change is imminent when were are talking health issues.  It’s a journey, that does not come into focus immediately.  That’s why its called a …..J.O.U.R.N.E.Y




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